If you collect domain and use domain parking, sedo parking or other method to generate money

You know that one can't generate 10$ per annum by parking domain.

You also know that domain  /web page rank does not improve as domin is not indexed.

You can build website, it will increase domain page rank.  It will also give you more money in ads.  However one can only build and maintain 1-10 sites.


Kreatewebsites enable to build hundreds or thousands of websites.   These won't be duplicate.  These will be unique sites.  So instead of parking your domain use Kreatewebsite solution.

  • You can display google adsense or any other advertising solution to make money.
  • Your domain (website) pages get indexed.
  • Your domain get noticed
  • Your domain value increases as it grow older


How much it Cost

Very less

20 cents a page.

Example if you have 100 domains.  Each domain will have website of 5 pages in 1 $ each.  Total cost = 100 $.

write to us at info@kreatewebsites.com and we will get back to you