Built on Cloud

Kreate Websites is built on Premium Cloud. We help you build your brand. Whether you starting a new company, building personal portfolio, publishing a book, publishing photos for life time events like marriage Kreate Websites enable you to publish and share content with one click. Our websites elegantly work on desktop, tablet, and mobile displays.

Design for Starup Scale

Our websites are cost effective. These are built on standard cloud - Azure, AWS and GCP. Our websites are always up and provide availability guarantee of 99.5%.As meaning it'll look great on desktop (widescreen and standard), tablet and mobile device. As your business grow and traffic increase, KreateWebsites can scale to millions of users per day.

Lowest price

Kreate Websites provide good quality website at cheap price. You pay one price for website builder, publishing, hosting. Even SSL is included in our websites.

Our differentiator

Most people and business start with small website. Most of website builder enable this. What set us apart is - with Kreate Websites builder individual can publish hundreds or thousands of pages everyday with ease. We test that links are not broken and all pages are linked and index correctly.

Publish 200 page online book as web site

Focus on writing and we take care of rest - design, hosting, publishing at $25/month
Focus on your business and we will take care of website development hosting
Buildwebsite and brand
If you have exiting website and you wish to migrate/move, we will do it
Migrateexiting site
Our tool automatically genetate beautiful website from raw content. No need to learn website builder
GenerateHundred to many thousand pages
Check our pre built website and these will b allocated to you. Only branding will be changed
Pre built sites to buy
If you have lot of content (article, photos, videos) and do not know how to convert into website, we can do this fast.
Convert your hard drive into website
Planning to write a book, write online book with us. We will convert into beautiful website. You will own content and website.
Write a book with us
Publish Wedding or family photos At $25/month